Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Race for the Cure

Could this past weekend been more perfect for the Race for the Cure & Mothers Day? I personally cannot think of a better way to kick off Mothers Day weekend than with 18,000 friends all walking for the same cause! If you've never participated in a Race for the Cure, you need to!

This is the 5th year my family & I have participated in the Atlanta Race for the Cure and the 3rd year in a row that we have walked with Toni. Check out her jersey in the photos below. That purple 06 stands for her 6th birthday, aka CANCER FREE! It was a pleasure, as always to walk with my mom, her bff  Toni and so many friends for 3.1 miles. Looking forward to next years walk and to see Toni wearing her 07 jersey!

fyi, picture overload ahead!
Happy Mothers Day!!
Toni, our 6 Year Survivor right there!
 2011 Atlanta 3-Day walkers!
Runner right here... 27 min, not bad for someone who the day before replaced an exhaust manifold aka hard intensive manual labor. The only reason I mention that is... I heard "there is no way I'm running tomorrow." He ran, I enjoyed my social time!

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