About Me

There will be a day when Breast Cancer is obsolete, when our children are taught about who Susan Komen was and her sister, Nancy Brinkers, philanthropy work that lead us to the CURE. The good times we all had supporting a cause so close to us will be just a memory. That day will come! I know it!

And, you want to know a little about Crystal. I'm 27. I live north of Atlanta with my husband, Michael. I work for one of Georgia's major universities while the husband works away saving the environment. I'm a 3-dayer. And now, I am so excited to be an 2011 Ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure! 

A little bit about my connection and passion for SGK. In 2007 my mom found a lump. After surgery to remove the lump, drug therapy, Tamoxfin, was the answer! And has continued repress that awful cancer and proven that *Early Detection* SAVES. I can vividly remember the day that I realized that I need to do more, I could do more, I was capable. I signed up for the SGK 3-day 2008. There are many others in my life, that I am sure you will hear all about, along the way.

A little more...

A month prior to the 2008 3-day.... I got married! Plan wedding, train for 3-Day, fundraise, check! Talk about a busy year.
Meet my husband Mike, my #1 cheerleader and supporter. He was my primary training partner in 2008. I don't know what I would have done without him through the training process through each day of the walk.
In addition to getting married, walking in my first 3-day I also, turned 25! 
Finishing the 2008 3-day on my birthday was and is one of my favorite days.
 2009 was an interesting year, and early on I knew I wouldn't be able to participate in the 2009 3-day. I had 3 friends set the date to get married in October and there was no way around it, no 3-day for me. All year long, I felt like something was missing. The day 2010 registration opened up, I signed up! I even managed to recruit 2 new friends!
And there you go! After a memorable walk in 2010, our team raising over $10,000 collectively, I am back for more. When the application was posted for an Ambassador, I applied immediately. I don't blog, I don't tweet, but I have a passion for the 3-day, and I am so honored to hold the title of Ambassador this year. A lot of this is new to me, but I've always enjoyed a challenge. I can't wait to see what 2011 has to bring!