Sunday, April 7, 2013


So many of us in the Komen community have met on an event and become close friends all brought together by our fight for the Cure. We have similar stories: our mom or aunt or grandmother have been affected by breast cancer. We are walking so our future generations can know the C-word as CURE not as a diagnosis. I've met a handful of survivors who are around my age including Bridget. Each one touching my life in a unique way and reminding me to stop taking life granted. While Bridget and I never physically met, I felt like I knew her through her honest and eloquently written blog. I read of her clinical trails, milestones, the good news to the decision to freeze her eggs for the future, the events that no twenty-something should have to decide. She was going to beat the odds she was originally given, and make it to her 30th birthday.  I vowed to walk for Bridget and every woman and man, because we all deserve a lifetime.

In December, Bridget asked us never to forget her. I don't think anyone can forget Bridget and her dedication and fight for the Cure. She made an impact on our lives and her legacy will continue.

“We cannot know healing without knowing sickness. We cannot know peace without knowing anxiety. We cannot know light without experiencing darkness. And we cannot believe in the redeeming work of God without seeing the brokenness he is at work in.” – Katie Blackburn

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