Monday, June 27, 2011

All in the Details

If you've never participated in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure you don't really know what to expect when it comes to the 3 Day camp. For me, it was the sea of pink tents and shower trucks (well stocked with HOT water) that surprised me the most.

One detail that I hadn't really th
ought about much before my first event (Atlanta 2008) was tent decorations. I had so much to think about like planning for poor weather and traveling from Arkansas for the walk that I didn't really think much about decorating until the last minute.

Why Decorate?

There are a few reasons to consider decorating your tent. One, there is a prize for the best decorations. Second, its a fun way to represent your team at camp. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it will help you find your tent in a sea of identical tents. If you uniquely decorate your tent it will greatly lessen your chance of returning to the wrong tent after a 2 am bathroom break. Your startled tent neighbors will thank you.

How to Decorate

When it comes to decorate your tent, the sky really is the limit. Something as little and as simple as attaching a glow stick or as big and complex as an over-sized stuffed bra will do the job. Start thinking now and be creative! maybe you'll win something. Just remember, you have to pack your supplies into your gear bag taking care to stay under your weight limit.

In 2008, I asked my mom to help us with decorations. My request was for it to have something reflective on it (to make it easie
r to be seen with our flashlight) and to use Florida State colors because Crystal is a big fan. This is what she made us!

(a far away shot...and yes I kno
w I look grumpy, this was after 40 miles and I was in a bit of pain). Here is an up close shot.

She used her hands as tracers and wrote on them "the journey is always shorter with friends by your side". I can't agree more!

Fast forward two years. For the
2010 3 Day I decided to make the decorations myself. We had 4 people on our team so I needed to make decorations for two tents. I decided to elaborate on our team name "My Racky Freedom". I found some camouflage fabric and added some pink and reflective touches to it. There was no mistaking who the occupants of these tents were!

The last example I have for you comes from the 2010 Twin Cities 3 Day. My Little Rock walking buddy traveled to that walk to participate with her mom and a family friend. She's very crafty and was able to create this awesome decoration. I think it speaks for itself. Erin is a military spouse and is now living in Germany and I miss them very much! Love you guys!

Some things to remember about decorating: have fun with it! Pack light and don't stress too much about it. And remember that duct tape and clothes pins are your friend (although that rule definitely applies to more at the 3 Day than just decorating).

Have any decorating questions? Comment below, I'd be happy to help!
I hope you are having a great summer!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Traveling + Training

I've been traveling the past couple of weekends, and of course both times I failed to take my laptop with me! (also = fail for me and not lining up someone to blog for me! Sorry to  my faithful followers!) This was a bad call on my behalf, I should have known I'd be sitting around the airport because of delays. Hello, it is summer after all and if the airport your flying out of isn't delayed, there is a pretty good chance Atlanta has a delay. When Atlanta is delayed, there is a ripple effect on every airport in the United States! Lesson learned, take the laptop because more than likely your have plenty of time to blog sitting around an airport. 

So, traveling + training, how to make this work. You may not be able to follow the training plan exactly, but make time to walk. Yes, I do follow the training plan as close as I can, but I also have a life that sometimes interferes! One thing that has always helped me train and prepare, is repetition. You may not be able to do the 10/8 mile walk this weekend, but you can still walk and get your body conditioned for the next walk. Trust me when I say, the more low mileage walks you take on, the easier those longer walks are going to become!

When traveling, walks outside might not be an option. It wasn't for me, since I wasn't familiar with the areas and didn't feel safe heading out alone. Plus, hello, I was on vacation, I wanted to sleep in when I could! Both hotels I stayed in the past two weeks had a work out room! You'll notice the main difference of a training walk inside pretty quick,  air condition! Which is a nice treat! I will note, walking on a treadmill gets pretty boring after a while. Be sure you are equipped with reading material! Not all treadmills include a personal tv to keep you entertained! (I lucked out, even if the channel was stuck on the Casey Anthony trial.)
The two weekends I have been out of town, I managed to walk 10 miles one weekend and 8 the next. This combined with my week day walks has kept me on track! Even if time only allowed for lower mileage, remember those miles are building your endurance for the future! 

Atlanta, were 120 days away! When did that happen?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moving Indoors?!?

Maybe its just me, but when I received the email from Komen yesterday saying they were moving us indoors, I was a tad shocked and a little sad.

As a past participant in the Susan G. Komen Atlanta 3-Day for the Cure, you may have braved some chilly or wet weather while walking towards our goal of a future without breast cancer.
In order to help ensure you have a great experience no matter the weather, we’ll be setting up the Atlanta 3-Day for the Cure campsite indoors. It will have all of the features of an outdoor camp, including the tents and that indomitable 3-Day spirit, but will help you rest warmly during your 3-Day journey.
Thank you for your commitment to the fight to end breast cancer. We’re looking forward to an incredible journey!
The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure Coaches

Maybe I am in the minority here, but I love 3-Day camping. Yes, its a lot of work and a lot of packing for the what-ifs, but to me its part of the 3-Day experience. I may not have been so cheerful waking up to 40 degree weather, but again all part of the 3-Day experience. I mean I have bragged to our first timers how much fun it is to camp for the 3-day. I have raved about the pink tents, shower trucks, the post office, massage station, you name it. I even have a comprehensive list of everything you need to pack and why. On a positive note I guess I won't be needing those extra tarps or clothes pins anymore! The morning dew won't be a factor either!

Komen has never let me down before and I feel confident that they will stay true to their word and we will have all the features of outdoor camp this October! Just makes me wonder where we will be "camping" this year and what kind of changes to the route we have to look forward to! 

Bottom line, we may all be out of our comfort level for 2 nights, but we can do anything for 2 nights, whats important is we are all together to fight Cancer!

(I will miss this)

PS. Any of you who have always wanted to participate in the 3-Day before and the camping is what has held you back, you have no excuse now!