Thursday, June 23, 2011

Traveling + Training

I've been traveling the past couple of weekends, and of course both times I failed to take my laptop with me! (also = fail for me and not lining up someone to blog for me! Sorry to  my faithful followers!) This was a bad call on my behalf, I should have known I'd be sitting around the airport because of delays. Hello, it is summer after all and if the airport your flying out of isn't delayed, there is a pretty good chance Atlanta has a delay. When Atlanta is delayed, there is a ripple effect on every airport in the United States! Lesson learned, take the laptop because more than likely your have plenty of time to blog sitting around an airport. 

So, traveling + training, how to make this work. You may not be able to follow the training plan exactly, but make time to walk. Yes, I do follow the training plan as close as I can, but I also have a life that sometimes interferes! One thing that has always helped me train and prepare, is repetition. You may not be able to do the 10/8 mile walk this weekend, but you can still walk and get your body conditioned for the next walk. Trust me when I say, the more low mileage walks you take on, the easier those longer walks are going to become!

When traveling, walks outside might not be an option. It wasn't for me, since I wasn't familiar with the areas and didn't feel safe heading out alone. Plus, hello, I was on vacation, I wanted to sleep in when I could! Both hotels I stayed in the past two weeks had a work out room! You'll notice the main difference of a training walk inside pretty quick,  air condition! Which is a nice treat! I will note, walking on a treadmill gets pretty boring after a while. Be sure you are equipped with reading material! Not all treadmills include a personal tv to keep you entertained! (I lucked out, even if the channel was stuck on the Casey Anthony trial.)
The two weekends I have been out of town, I managed to walk 10 miles one weekend and 8 the next. This combined with my week day walks has kept me on track! Even if time only allowed for lower mileage, remember those miles are building your endurance for the future! 

Atlanta, were 120 days away! When did that happen?

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