3-Day Pack List

This is a list that I came up with for the 2010 Atlanta walk. If you would like an copy to print out, please email me at 3daycrystal@gmail.com

Most important packing item: Large ZipLock Bags. You will want to pack everything in them and best to pack them by day & label them! Organization is key and will make your life easier each morning!

Item Why??
2-3 pairs of shoes
T-shirt & long sleeved Think Under Armour gear, try to avoid cotton for the first layer
Shorts & tights If you wear tights and shorts over remember if it warms up you can take them off and put them in your pack
Underwear & Sports bras Remember to bring extra sports bras if you sleep in them, you probably won't want a bra at any point
2 pairs of socks per day (6)
Socks to sleep in (fleece) 
Fleece or light jacket For cool mornings, make sure its light weight enough that you can tie to your pack or stuff into your pack
Sleepwear You will want long pj pants (possibly fleece) with pj shirts & sweatshirt, remember layers are key!
Camp Shoes As weather is unpredictable, we have found it best to have flip flops that are rubber material that won't absorb water (like tevas) the best would be something like a Croc or the cheap Old Navy flip flops. Remember you will have socks to sleep in and leave your shoes outside the tent.
Shower Shoes Have an old pair or cheap (think Old Navy) after they are used you will want to put them in a ziplock for the next night.
Hats or Visors I normally have one per day, but not necessary.
Camping Gear
Sleeping Bag  Get a compression bag. (REI or Dicks) This will help and give you more space in your bag.
Air Mattress or Sleep Pad If you bring an air mattress don't forget a battery operated pump
Pillow Remember to put this in with your sleeping bag in the compression bag or you can use a sweat shirt or similar
Plastic Sheets or tarp (target camping aisle has these for cheap!) You will want to put this under the tent before you put it up, and on top of the tent to protect you from dew in the mornings, you will want at least 4 per tent.
Clothespins or Binder Clips Used to secure the tarp and many other random uses (if you bring binder clips bring the larger sizes
Flashlight or Head Lamp You will want this to find your tent after the sun goes down plus to find the port-a-potties at night. Head lamps are hands free and easier to use when going to the bathroom.
Spare batteries For the mattress pump & flashlight
Duck Tape You never know when this will come in handy, plus they now make pink duck tape. 
Mylar Blankets (target camping section) These come in handy at camp if its cold or on cold mornings while eating breakfast and before starting the walk or during lunch breaks
Hot Hands Have these in your pack for the walk and for camping. You can put these in your sleeping back to keep you warm at night and for cool starting mornings. You probably cannot have enough of these if we have cooler weather or rain.
First Aid
Any required RX meds you take
IBU, Tylenol, Antacid, Icy Hot, etc. The crew will have many of these, but always good to have your own
Bandages, gauze & tape KT Tape
Baby Powder
Insect repellent For an October walk, this probably is not necessary.
Toothpaste & tooth brush Its easy to buy a disposable one for each day, this way you can throw it away each day and not have to go back to your tent
Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap
Feminine products All of the above buy in travel sizes and keep in a shower bag
Nail Clippers/Small Scissors Keep these in your pack too
Shower Caps These can be used over your shoes (keep your feet dry is key) along with duck tape!
For the Pack
2 water bottles Make sure they have a wide mouth and can easily be refilled
Drivers License
Cash, Credit Card & Insurance Card Keep in a ziplock in your pack to protect
Sunscreen & Lip Balm
Sunglasses Cheap ones these can likely be lost or scratched in your pack.
Bandana Buy the 3-day Seamless wrap. There are so many uses for this, my favorite is to use as a head band/ear wrap. Its only $5 investment!
Rain Poncho Make sure it is small and will fit in your pack, good to have 3-5 of these, keep 1-2 in your pack and the rest in your gear bag.
Small First Aid kit Extra IBU, band aids, etc. Don't stress over this, the 3-day crew or another walker will likely have something if you need it.
Hand Sanitizer  Bath & Body Works has clips for hand sanitizer that attach outside your pack and are easy to use so you don't have to open your pack and find them.
Mylar Blankets Always good to keep at least one in your pack too depending on weather conditions
Hot Hands
Gloves Remember you can put hot hands in your gloves if you get cold on walks. Have extra pairs for each day in case they get wet
Carabineer Clips
Clothes Pins or Binder Clips Keep one or two in your pack