Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ending on a High Note

This past week, was one of those weeks. It seemed like everything I did at home, work, wherever wasn't working out for me. I had a million things that I needed to get done but no motivation for any of it. Which is not the normal for me.
Then I had a surprise.  These beautiful flowers and a donation showed up at my office on Wednesday, as a Thank You for walking. It was the moment that turned my week around. My hero sent me flowers, to thank me for walking. Changed my perspective and outlook for the week. (more of this in a future post)

Saturday was my fundraising event at Sips n Swirls, which was a great success! Thank you all for that came out to support!
 My Hero, Toni & I
Part of the team this year, Ashley (aka Crew), Me, Amy & Karen Ann (first timer)
Meet the Boobsey Twins, Cindy & Brenda (aka my mom!) These two are walking in the Atlanta 2-Day this year.
A couple of the husbands came to the event, but opted to go next door for dinner instead of paint with us. They surprised us while we were painting by bring all of us a pink rose!

And for another busy week with that perspective.

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