Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yard Sale for the Cure

We had a yard sale this weekend... and coming from a person who has never been to a yard sale before, I think we were pretty successful! For the past couple of months my mom and I have been planning this yard sale. Cleaning out our houses, running by friends houses for donations, forcing our husbands to get rid of their junk treasures and advertising, in pink of course! We had everything you could imagine, including a kitchen sink. Within minutes of putting out our pink signs we were swamped and the majority of our big items were sold.
One big item that didn't sell, was the 1980-something tv that doesn't work. I'm not really sure why it didn't sell, maybe we will save it for another yard sale! It was great to talk to our customers about our walks and hear their personal stories. We had several donations from people who didn't buy a thing!

 From someone why has no yard sale experience, this can really be a great fundraiser. With the help from friends for item donation and a cooperate match, I will meet my $2300 minimum, my mom will meet her $1000 minimum for the 2-Day and a couple other friends my see a little donation in a couple weeks!

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