Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My last post was in November. I have not disappeared, I am still here! I have you know, I've started a post several times, but my heart just wasn't in it. To tell you the truth, heart really wasn't the the last post I wrote in November. I was busy, sick, angry, tired and ready for a vacation from work, just all around burnt out. I know, in perceptive, small issues. But time heals all, and I'm back for more 3-Day, as in 2 events in 2012, Chicago Crew & Atlanta Walker. New Year, New Experience, New Friends to be made & a the same Fight to continue Fighting. 

As of now, this year holds many new challenges. Not only having two walks ahead of me this year, I am starting grad school this week! You may not see me around this blog too often, but don't worry I will be volunteering for as many 3-day event preps as I able and I'll try to put in my insight when I can! Who knows, you may see me around here a little more often when I am avoiding writing a paper! 

Now to get the focus back to what is important, more anniversaries, tomorrows, birthdays, celebrations, victories, adventurers and the future. 

2012, Here we come! And to work on my fundraising letter I go!

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