Sunday, July 24, 2011

The 3-Day Kick Off

If you have been under a rock didn't know, this weekend was the official kick-off of the 3-Day season in Boston. My original plan was to see a little bit of Boston while being a Walker Stalker, however those plans didn't exactly work out. Luckily, I've had other ways to keep up with the Boston 3-Day happenings via Facebook and Twitter. I've been glued to my computer and phone this weekend watching the Boston walk. Way to go Boston walkers! You walked through extreme heat, rain, lightning & re-locations without complaint! You all rock, and we are that much closer to a cure because of you! 

Virtual 2011 Boston 3-Day for the Cure

This video is from Opening Ceremonies, a great way to introduce us to Dr. Sheri Phillips, the 3-Day national spokesperson & a little surprise for walkers! (Hope I'm not giving anything away!)

With heat index temps over 100 degrees, Day 1 was cut short. Buses were available to help cool walkers down!
Justin Bieber came to cheer walkers on!
I think these were a great investment considering the heat + rain!
Not only was the heat index over 100, but storms decided to roll in Saturday morning. I don't think that held anyone back!
Meet Dan, this is his 22nd 3-day event! Amazing!
Wouldn't be a 3-Day event without a marriage proposal, right? How Sweet!

During closing ceremonies,  it was announced that Boston walkers raised 4.8 million dollars! Thank you all for braving the extreme weather and making this years Boston event a huge success! 
Atlanta 3-day, hurry up and get here please! Maybe next year I will just have to sign up for a second event?? Or crew?

Cleavland, Ohio you're next. I'll be virtually stalking you as well.

(All photos from The 3-day)

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