Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation

I had a little bit of a difficult time coming up with this post because I'm still a bit of a follower when it comes to preparation for the 3-Day. Basically, just tell me what works best and I'll do it. Crystal and Erin...they are the logistics gurus. They can prepare you for anything! Even non 3-Day related. So, ladies, thank you for that. Your knowledge certainly has taught me some things. I think I've wised up in my old age and I've come to learn that preparation is essential. Over preparing sometimes is good,too. I make lists, I check them off and I think of ALL possibilities when preparing for an event. And while coming up with this blog I thought I'd tell you a little about a very essential item you need for the 3-Day and that probably should be packed right along with your snacks and other necessities in your pack during training walks, but probably has not been on any of your lists.

I'm talking about your drive, passion and determination to get rid of cancer. FOR GOOD.

Now, I do not question anyone who is doing the 3-Day(walker, crew, supporter alike) about their heart, drive and passion. You signed up for this for a reason and you have to be a really committed person to devote so much of your time for about a year or more to be a participant in this event. So, I take every walker, crew member and supporter seriously about their efforts. But, I do know that life is also happening with all us during the months before these events. We can't focus 100% on the 3-Day 100% of the time(and, I'm talking about the training walks and fund raising event part). And, honestly, I don't think we need to all of the time because burn out will happen pretty quickly. However, even when we aren't fund raising or training, we can't lose sight of our end goal and maybe each day we need to devote some thoughts of who we are walking for so we don't lose sight of what we are really trying to achieve. And, we should also realize we can support people just by encouraging words, wearing pink and just being there for someone. Sometimes we do need others to bring things into perspective for us so we see clearly again and refresh our motivation to get out there and do what we came to do which actually isn't walking all 60 miles or raising $2,300... it's helping find a cure for cancer and supporting those who are having to face all those battles that come along with it. And, there are some people who can't lose sight because cancer is in front of them every single day. I consider myself fortunate in that my biggest worry the majority of the time is raising $2,300 which if you look at the big picture isn't a big deal at all.

This post is for the people who have worked hard with training and fund raising and maybe need to take a moment and think about what we are really trying to achieve when we sign up for the 3-Day. I don't doubt that you are keeping the 'why' you're doing all of this in your mind, but maybe you need to refresh and re-energize. Realize that fund raising events may not go perfect and that walks maybe a little hard for you, but in the end, it's not about you achieving those things(raising $2,300 and walking exactly 60 miles), but you chose to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself and that you're part of a movement that is going strong and will one day end breast cancer for good. And, even though raising $2,300 and walking 60 miles in three days is pretty much amazing in itself, we should all realize that we're doing it for the ultimate goal of completely wiping out breast cancer. THAT is your goal, that is what you should be working towards(or, walking towards maybe? :))


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