Saturday, July 30, 2011

Walker Stalkers

I had a friend email me after my last blog post and ask: who are Walker Stalkers?  I wanted to reply, Dear Friend, this is my 3rd 3-Day walk and you don't know? Instead, I replied back, Thanks for my next blog post!

Walker Stalkers are hands down amazing.  A Walker Stalker is anyone who is just as dedicated to the cause as a walker and comes out to show their support. They show up rain or shine and always have a smile on their face, and sometimes they have a few surprises! You will see walker stalkers multiple times during the day and they are not just at cheering stations. If there weren't walker stalkers, I don't think the 3-Day event would be the same! 

Walker Stalkers come equipped in their finest Pink with homemade signs, costumes,  and decked out cars!
Walker Stalkers often provide good opportunities for photo ops along the route!
These Walker Stalkers will bring you to tears! A whole elementary school with signs and decked out in pink  cheering us on! It always amazes me how the community comes together!
Between the Coffee Kids or our Day #3 Buckhead Bartender, I'm not sure which stalker we look forward to more! I'm kidding there is no competition between these two!

Interested in being a Walker Stalker? Keep watching the Spectator Information for cheering stations and route information to be posted. Ever thought you might want to walk in a 3-Day event? This is a perfect way to get an idea of what the 3-Day Event is all about!

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