Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3-Day Packing, pt. 1

Meet my 3-Day bag. This is an old piece of luggage that I've had for at least 10 years. I won't care if it gets damaged, wet, the zipper breaks, or if the wheels finally fall off.
 You can use a nice piece of luggage, but I warn you, accidents and damage may happen, such as, a broken zipper or the fabric splitting. Did I mention that  the pink bag below was a borrowed piece of luggage? Imagine giving that back to your friend!
You may not be able to see it too well, but the bag ripped at its seams before we even left the hotel and had our luggage loaded. We ended up duct taping the bag so nothing would fall out.

Like I said before, when packing for the 3-Day, the number one thing you want is a bag on wheels. The duffel bags on wheels seem to work the best. You have extra pockets to stay organized and can fit more than you could with a regular suit case. You will want the mobility of the wheels. Your bag may seem light when you drop it off, but I can promise you that after walking 20 miles, it won't be so light!

Next thing, make sure your bag is identified with your name, contact information and walker id. Luggage tags are a great way to do this and will help you identify your bag as well. These are our team luggage tags from last year. We printed them on regular paper and laminated them at one of the office supply stores. The heavy duty laminate is almost indestructible and it worked perfectly! 
Another tip, take a picture of your luggage tag as one of your first photos on your camera. If you lose your camera during the route, this provides an easy way for the 3-Day crew to find you. I have heard many stories of walkers being reunited with their camera during and after the walk!

When you first arrive at Stone Mountain, you will see several trucks lined up for you to drop your luggage off. You will know which truck, since it's printed on your credentials, which is normally based on tent location. It may look like mass early morning chaos, but it's really not! The crew are pros and you will be surprised at how easy you will find your bag after you complete day 1!
Next up, what you put in the bag!

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