Thursday, September 29, 2011

What about the Pack?

I've been asked a couple times in the past month about what type of waist pack to use during the 3-day event. Be sure to check out this post at the end for more information on waist packs. Meet my pack. I ordered it from in 2008. I keep thinking I will replace it with a newer and fancier one, but never get around to it! Besides this one is broken in!
Most important feature, is to have a waist pack with dual bottle holders. Water bottles should have a wide mouth and be easily refilled.
  • Extra Socks! Keep at least one extra pair with you if not two or three. If it rains, you will want extra dry socks. If we have high temperatures, again you will want additional socks.
  • Blister Care Kit (Band-aids, blister pads, mole skin, alcohol wipes and Neosporin) The Medical Tents will have all of these supplies as well but nice to have your own in case of emergency on the route.
  • Nail Clippers and Scissors
  • Vaseline and/or Body Glide: for your feet
  • Hand Sanitizer/Anti-bacterial wipes & Sunscreen
  • Poncho and other rain gear
  • Mylar Blanket: these can be used on a cold morning and as a blanket to sit on during lunch
  • KT Tape: I found this product last year when I was experiencing minor knee pain. I hear its great for shin splints, planters fasciitis, lower back pain and others!
  • BioFreeze: This product is also available at the Med Tent, I just have my own!
  • Hot Hands: For a cold morning,you can put these in your gloves or pockets to help keep you warm. (gloves not pictures)
  • Seamless Wrap: Perfect to use as an ear wrap in the morning, keep your hair out of your face and keep your hair dry if its raining.
  • Camera
  • Zip Lock Bags
I used the ziplock bags to keep everything organized and dry so I can easily accessed during the walk.  Don't worry about forgetting something. What you don't have your teammate or Med Tent will have for you! I am pretty sure I'm a known notorious over packer, I just think I'm extra prepared! Don't forget to check out the complete pack list for more packing essentials!

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