Monday, September 5, 2011

Social Media at its Worst

In case you were wondering, my bra is pink, I like my purse on the chair, my shoe size is 7, I'm zero weeks, and I'm always craving heath bars. Now, when are we going to talk about the real issue, CANCER?
Its that time of year, again, where mysterious facebook status start to pop up leaving people questioning. Last year, there was a little bit of national attention from women posting the color of their bra as their facebook status. Then later in the year, we started to see "I like it on the floor." Translation, another message was sent around to women to post, where they like to put their purse. Another example, posting your shoe size, and most recently fictionally posting about how many weeks pregnant you are and the type candy you are craving. When the first post started about posting of bra colors, I did not participate and took the attitude, if it reminded one woman to do her monthly self breast exam, why not? But more recently, I have been unable to figure out how posting a status without definition will raise any kind of awareness about Breast Cancer.

When I first saw any of these trends, do you know what I did? I didn't think about Breast Cancer. Wasn't that supposedly the point of all of the aforementioned trends? There has not been one mention of cancer in any ones status, but isn't the point education for awareness? I have no problem with non-traditional marketing to get a message across, but what kind of message are we providing here? This "campaign" has provided little if any awareness and no monetary contribution to research that will find the cure or recognition to survivors. 

I believe that we will find the cure for cancer in my life time, and if you haven't noticed this is my passion! I want to be part of this movement, because I believe wholeheartedly that I can make a difference. Sunday evening, I saw one too many of my friends posting about a fake pregnancy and the candy they were craving. I updated my facebook status to the following:
Seriously people, fake pregnancies and candy have nothing to do with Breast Cancer Awareness. If you want to do something, how about making a donation to a cause or sign up to actually do a walk for the cause. Here are a few suggestions, and when you make that donation or sign up, we can talk., or
Immediately, I had friends on my side and even re-posting my status. Thankfully, I realized that I'm not the only one who feels this way. One friend even took it to the next step, and immediately made a donation. Not only did she make a donation, but she made the following post:
My birthday is a few days away and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is just around the corner. For my half-way-to-50 present this year, I'd love it if everyone could donate to Crystal Elster's team for this year's Atlanta 3-Day for the Cure! There's a 'Donations' link on her blog: Whether $5 or $500, it all helps!! ♥
I was taken aback and even shed a few tears. I have not seen or talked to Alicia since college and she left for the Peace Corps. We've just been those typical facebook friends! Her kindness and belief in the cause helped spread the word to her 600+ facebook friends was truly amazing. Thank you Alicia for making a difference and spreading the word!
If I have not convinced you of anything, you obviously have not read Bridgets story. Maybe facebook status should trend to how many months of chemo/radiation you've had to endure, the drugs you've had to take, your side effects, and even more importantly, the celebration of being a survivor. Education & Awareness, People, pass it on.


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    You are making such a big difference with all the philanthropic work you have been doing. Are those silly status things are just that - silly. You just keep doing what you're doing and know that there are many of us that are very proud of you!

  2. I'm obviously a bit behind on my blog reading, but that was a great post! VERY well said!!