Monday, September 26, 2011

Atlanta 2-Day & New Research

This past weekend was the Atlanta 2-Day, in which my mom and Erins mom both participated. I am very proud of them for their fundraising efforts and (raising over $2,800 between the two of them!) and for walking every step of the 30 miles! I may have heard my mom say she was thinking about the 3-Day next year! Way to go Moms & Thank You!

If you have donated or completed a walk for Breast Cancer, you are part of the road to the Cure! If you haven't already heard, there is very a promising new study from the Penn State College of Medicine that was published last week.

In tissue culture dishes in the laboratory, 100 percent of the cancer cells are destroyed by the virus within seven days, with the majority of the cell death proteins activated on the fifth day. In another study, a fourth breast cancer derived cell line, which is the most aggressive, required three weeks to undergo cell death.

Read more on Penn States website. I hope you will continue to follow this research with me! Its an amazing feeling to be part of something this immense! (Right Mom & Cindy??)

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