Sunday, August 7, 2011

A journey you should know about...

If I didn't have a personal connection to take a stand against breast cancer, reading Bridget's story would be all I needed. I first talked about Bridget a few months ago when I volunteered for a 3-Day Get Started Meeting. The info session introduced to two new personal stories this year, that got my attention. One of those stories was about Bridget, a 27 year old woman who has been battling metastatic breast cancer since she was 21. Bridget and I are the same age. Cancer does not age discriminate. Cancer does not discriminate, period. She has no family history of breast cancer, and makes me ask, why her? Why not me? This could be me or any one of my friends.

I hadn't seen Bridget around much in the blog-twitter-sphere in the past months, and last week I found out why. A Huge Blow. I read Bridget's blog Friday night with tears in my eyes. Bridges blog, is a blog that needs to be read and publicized. Friends, I walk for my grandmother, my mom, for Toni, for my sisters, for our future and Bridget. This year and for the future, Bridget's name will be added to my pack. Hugs to you Bridget, and many thoughts and prayers coming your way.

If you didn't click the links above, add Bridget's blog to your reader and your thoughts:

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