Friday, August 26, 2011

Bunco for the Cure

How is fundraising going for you? If you haven't met your $2,300 minimum here is a great idea for you, you just need a friend that knows how to play Bunco and is a regular Bunco player!

Our idea for a Bunco fundraiser came to us earlier in the year, when Amy and I's boss was talking about her monthly Bunco game in her neighborhood. We asked if she'd be interested in helping us out with a Bunco for the Cure night. I hate to even take credit for this idea, because these wonderful ladies took our idea and did all the work for us! Prizes were donated, food was prepared and the neighborhood club house was ours for the night. The whole neighborhood was invited and Amy and I were overwhelmed with the hospitality and sense of community we felt! We had over 50 people come out and support, which was amazing!

If you have never played Bunco before,  there is no need worry, because it is an easy dice game based on chance & luck, and you will pick up fast! We got lucky to be with several experienced Bunco players. It was key to have someone explain the game and an experienced player at each table to help and keep score. But trust me, you catch on quick.
I just love seeing a room filled with Pink People!

Bunco served as a great fund raising event, because it gave everyone the chance to interact. We only knew our boss and her husband, another co-worker and of course my husband, Mike. Part of playing Bunco involves you moving tables when you win/lose (depending on if you're at the head table) and you really get the chance to play with almost every player if you have a large crowd. It's a time for people to ask you specific questions and get to know a little more about the SGK 3-Day and why you're doing it. You may even be able to pull off a little recruiting when you explain how things work. And, reassure once again that 60 miles is nothing! Plus raising $2,300 is easier than it sounds!
A Big Thank You to all who came out and supported us, we were able to raise over $600 and with a corporate match over $1200 for the CURE!
Clean Up Crew! Notice the pink shirt :)

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