Monday, March 7, 2011

Donation Perspective

When you click on the "donate to me" link you will see something a little different than in previous years.

$35 (The cost of patient transportation to a treatment session.)  

$60 (Support a 3-Day walker for her/his 60-mile journey.)

$120 (The cost of a life-saving mammogram.) 

Enter an amount that's meaningful for you...

Remember to always check to see if your company is a Matching Company. A $35 donation can easily be $70!  Meaning the cost of two transports to treatment instead of one. Easy! Just requires one extra step! I know we all have at least one friend that works at one of these companies; Allstate, Bank of America, Best Buy, Carmax, Chase, Gap, Kraft, Nike, Google, Verizon, Yahoo and many  more. Click Here to see the pdf file of matching companies.

Every donation is always appreciated,  no matter the amount, $1 to $2,300. Every dollar makes a difference, and that dollar is the one that is going to get us to the CURE!

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