Monday, March 14, 2011

Fundraising Tips

That $2,300 fundraising minimum is intimidating. The most popular question I get about the 3-Day is how do you raise $2,300? I know it seems intimidating, but there are ways other than asking friends and family to support you. This is my 3rd year participating, and I'm not stressed or worried. 

First, put time into your Personal Page on the Komen site and your Fundraising letter. Your participant center has several samples. I have always used a sample and made it my own. Send everyone in your address book an e-mail (You never know!). Then have your family and friends forward on the fundraising letter on to everyone in their address book. It works, I promise, because I've personally received several donations from people that I've had to ask who they were from others so I could send them a proper thank you letter. It works, so don't be shy! And remember to include in your letter about Matching Gifts!

I always make business cards too. You never know when you are going to get into a conversation about the 3-Day with someone you don't know. On a business card you can include all of the information right there to hand out. Stick them in cards, around your office, and even with your bill at a restaurant. You never know!

There are printable business cards in your Participant Center.

Or you can make your own by printing them at home or use VistaPrint! VistaPrint is always running deals and promotions, such as 1,000 business cards and you only pay shipping. Sign up for their email list to receive extra deals.
(2011 Cards)
(2010 Cards)

Install the Facebook app., so every time you receive a donation, a message will appear on your wall (shown below). Several times I have received repeat donations after a message appeared on my wall. Make your status about the 3-Day. Change your profile picture to a Komen logo. If everyone of my friends donated $7.54 I'd meet the $2,300 fast! Besides, whos going to donate $7.54, most likely they are going to round up to $10! It doesn't hurt to ask! Every dollar counts and it adds up fast!
In Lieu of gifts, give a donation or ask for a donation. This includes, weddings, birthdays and holidays. Mothers day is coming up, so ask people to consider giving a donation instead of a gift! Saves a ton of time, plus gets you or someone else closer to that $2,300 minimum. After you make the donation you can print a card to give it to the recipient.

Have a garage sale. Ask your friends and family to donate items to you, and have all proceeds go towards the walk. Have your business cards handy for anyone that wants to know more about why you are walking!

Throw a party. We did this last year and raised $600 from about 20 people. Think of other parties too such as a poker night, bunco, movie night, wine tasting party, use your imagination!
(invite from our 2010 party)

Consider throwing a Pampered Chef party. Depending on your sales Pampered Chef will donate a percentage to your fundraising. I'm not sure about other companies like  Scentsy, Tupperware or Partylite. I have not worked with them, but it doesn't hurt to ask! 

How to fundraise at work? Have a bake sale or sell tickets for a Pink Day, (jeans + something pink instead of work attire.) I have also found that not putting prices on items can help you get more of a donation! Make pink ribbons and sell them at work to have everyone show their support. You can always find spools of ribbon at a craft store for ~$1 and use hot glue and pins.  It is a simple and cheap way to thank donors or make for an extra donation!

Check with your favorite restaurant and/or bar to see if they will let you guest bartend or donate a percentage of their sales to you. Have a silent auction too! (I've heard of people exceeding the $2,300 minimum at just one event.) Check with places like your local Chick-Fil-A, spa, salon, running store, etc and ask them to donate food or services for an auction. See if you can host a carwash one weekend. Here is another case where your business cards are going to come in handy!

My favorite idea that I have heard about is to have the men in your life wear bras and stand on a street corner for donations. Of course, check with your city of residence in case you need a permit and with Komens guidelines. The guidelines are all included with tons more fundraising ideas on the 101 Fundraising Ideas (also available in your participant center).

Most important thing? Have Fun! 

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